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How to Apply

  1.  Become a friend, “Let’s be friends
  2. Determine what type of volunteer you are
  3. Download, complete and upload all required documents
  4. Tell us about you and your preferences.

All applications to come to CerviCusco must first come through the Friends of CerviCusco. If you have any questions regarding the application process please contact us.

Submitting an application for the CerviCusco program does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Candidates must meet program requirements and participation is subject to availability. This program fills early. Once approved for this program, you will need to make certain all documentation is up to date and the administrative fee of $500 is paid within 90 days of departure. All fees must be received 60 days prior to your departure. If a cancellation of your experience is necessary, Friends of CerviCusco will refund all of your money except for the $250 processing fee.

What to Know Before You Go
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What kind of Volunteer are you?

Please determine your status and click on the link below to apply.

Professionals and Residents

You're working in health care as a professional. Residents must be in an accredited residency program or fellowship.

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Undergraduate Students

You're a candidate for an Associate's or Bachelor's degree, currently enrolled an accredited school, college, or university.

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You are currently in a certificate program or wanting to apply for a terminal degree in health care and need unique, meaningful, clinical and educational experiences. This program includes certification for all hours completed while at CerviCusco.  This program can last up to a year.  

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Post Graduate Education

You're enrolled in a degree program from an accredited school, college or university, working toward a terminal medical or graduate degree. Includes students of medicine, nursing, and physician assistants.

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Non-Medical Volunteers

You are not a healthcare practitioner but you have other skills to contribute to CerviCusco. We are delighted to have "Helping Hands" volunteers across all industries.

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High School Students

You're a high school student participating in a pre-approved group.  To discuss arranging a group, please contact Dr. Debra Krotish,

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Lab Volunteers

If you are coming as a Pathologist, Cytologist or Lab Volunteer, please click below.

Lab volunteer application


Research Opportunities

Click below to apply for research opportunities.   

Research Application

AU Nursing Volunteers

If you are coming as a nursing student from Augusta University in March, 2018, please click below.

AU Nursing Volunteers