Seth’s Writings

Love at its core

While I was in college, there were many things that I had to explore as an individual.  Whether it was my growing desire to see the world or my decision to potentially pursue medicine, I had many different yearnings to discover myself and how I would conduct myself in this world.  One of these topics was love.   Read More…

For those of you who haven’t

For those of you who haven’t been in a Latin American church, they can be breathtaking upon the first glance. Apostles and various images of Mary and Jesus litter the ways with several scenes of the crucifixion following their visitors through the cathedral. Angels sing in large plaster choirs backed by erupting suns and beams of painted light signifying the majesty of the occasion. Churches down there are made to impress. It was down here that one of my darker memories was impressed on me.   Read More…

The sick taking care of the sick

If you knew all the ways that your body interacts with the world and with medications, would that make you take better care of it? As a medical student, we take many different classes about health and how our body acts under different types of stresses. We know the effects of several diseases, many diets, and how much of an effect exercise has on improving overall health. We’re always paying sharp attention to our patient’s habits and attitudes to detect what lifelong stress has led to their current illness or most recent accident. Us students and the professionals we intend to emulate are masters at determining the causes of someone else’s illness and death. Our health choices for ourselves, however, would often surprise you.   Read More…

HT and ST
RM and Seth
Seth at RM
RM and Seth
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