In addition to a robust educational mission, CerviCusco is advancing scientific discovery through Peruvian and US IRB-approved clinical research trials. CerviCusco is a Peruvian National Institute of Health (INS) certified clinical research center, one of only two in the province.

Clinical, translational, behavioral, and cancer prevention and control trials have all been conducted at CerviCusco. Students, residents and faculty have participated in various US NIH-funded, industry-funded and investigator-initiated cancer prevention and cancer diagnostic trials at CerviCusco. CerviCusco has contributed to several published studies.

At CerviCusco, research volunteers may help formulate hypotheses, develop research protocols, submit protocols for IRB review, collect and enter data, analyze data and draft manuscripts for publication in medical journals. These opportunities may appeal to post baccalaureate, gap year, rising second year medical students (summer experience), graduate students and other individuals who desire a global health research experience. CerviCusco also has opportunities for students and researchers who are interested in launching their own study or in participating in an existing study.

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