Accountability and Financial Responsibility

CerviCusco and Friends of CerviCusco are respectively a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and a US based Non-profit (501c3). We embrace the values of accountability and transparency as a matter of ethical leadership.

0% of our donations go toward fundraising

0% governmental funding

All volunteers coming to CerviCusco pay a fee to cover expenses while in Peru as well as help provide funds to cover the healthcare of the indigent population. We created a sliding payment scale in the clinic for a small percentage of patients since some of the affluent Peruvians come to CerviCusco for healthcare services. All of those funds go to take care of the population of patients who cannot afford healthcare.

When you come as a volunteer, you are not only donating your time and expertise, but by providing funds to cover your fee, you are also donating financially to support the patients who cannot afford healthcare.

Please feel free to view our nonprofit 501c3 letter, our Articles of Incorporation, our Conflict of Interest Policy, our Federal Form 990, and our ByLaws.