About Us

Every day more than 10 women die from cervical and breast cancer in Peru.

CerviCusco is working to reduce the high rate of cancers in the region.

In 10 years, CerviCusco has seen hundreds of thousands of patients.

Friends of CerviCusco provides opportunities for you to help.

Volunteers have enabled CerviCusco to see over 3,000 patients in one day.

Who we are

Friends of CerviCusco is a US-registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunities for compassionate individuals to support CerviCusco, a medical center of excellence located in Cusco, Peru. CerviCusco was established to prevent, screen, diagnose and treat cervical cancer in impoverished, indigenous Peruvian women. Because of its extraordinary initial success, CerviCusco is now enhancing the spectrum of health care services provided for women. CerviCusco needs your help, and Friends of CerviCusco offers the opportunity for you to make a difference through volunteering and financial contributions.

What we do

Friends of CerviCusco facilitates unique educational, research, scholarship and volunteer opportunities, including robust cultural immersion experiences at CerviCusco, Cusco, Peru. Interested individuals including health science students (nursing, medical, physician assistant, medical technician and others), premedical students, undergraduate students, post baccalaureate students, medical residents, health care providers, and helping hands (non-medical professionals) volunteers may apply to the Volunteer Program at CerviCusco through Friends of CerviCusco.

Through our SETH (Selfless Engagement Through Humanitarianism) Program, altruistic medical students may apply to receive funding to become prestigious SETH Scholars and volunteer at CerviCusco.

As a US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit, Friends of CerviCusco enables our generous Friends to financially support the lifesaving operations at CerviCusco. Hence, Friends of CerviCusco is your gateway to life changing experiences.

Why we help

Friends of CerviCusco partners with CerviCusco because we believe in improving health care in disadvantaged populations. Peruvian women have one of the highest rates of cervical cancer in the world. The disease is entirely preventable yet many lack the financial means and geographic access to modern healthcare. CerviCusco counts on the generous support of volunteers and donors to serve the women of Cusco. Friends of CerviCusco helps CerviCusco deliver high quality, affordable preventive medical care to women through the provision of compassionate volunteers and financial donations. In return, our skilled volunteers are immersed in life changing experiences by working with local health care providers to serve the people of Cusco. Our charitable donors are filled with altruistic pleasure knowing that their contributions truly improve the lives of so many women.  Click on this short video to see why we do what we do.

CerviCusco’s Impact

Imagine the Peruvian woman whose grandmother died of cervical cancer 15 years ago, then her mother died of cervical cancer 11 years ago. She was screened in a remote location of the Andes by one of our volunteers, and the results show precancerous cells. She is in the clinic to get further confirmation and perhaps even surgery to get rid of the precancerous cells.

Thanks to CerviCusco and Friends, she will not have the same fate as her mother and grandmother. test-valentina

Find out a little about CerviCusco by watching this short informational video.