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Cusco, Peru has beautiful mountain scenery, incredible archeological sites and an amazing history. Plan to enjoy these wonders while you are here!

While the scenary is incredible, the people need our help.  The country of Peru currently has the highest death rate per capita from COVID. Only 4% of their people are vaccinated.  We are hopeful that we will have groups of volunteers who are willing to help us vaccinate.  The United States donated $2 Million in the vaccine.  We need help to get the vaccine to the Peruvian people, especially the indigenous, people who live in the Andes, who are our patients.  They are the rural, the difficult to reach group who need the vaccine the most.  These people rely on their local market for food since a small percentage have refrigerators. Taking COVID back to their village can be devastating.  If you are a health care provider and would like to help vaccinate, please email Dr. Krotish, [email protected].  If you cannot come, please help support the efforts.  We are a nonprofit on the US side and a Peruvian NGO in Peru.  Please help provide resources.  No donation is too small!  

Support us

Whether you are a compassionate individual or large corporation with social responsibility interests, you have the ability to make an impact. All donations directly support the costs of medical care provided whether in the CerviCusco clinic and/or outreach campaigns in the region. If you cannot come to CerviCusco, you can donate privately to help send a volunteer. Donate on someone’s behalf. Donate and become a Friend of CerviCusco to help us continue provide access to health care for all women living in the Cusco region. 

We are now working to help vaccinate the people of Peru.  Please help by volunteering to vaccinate or donating to help support our volunteers as they vaccinate.  We need you!  Please consider giving any amount.  Even a small donation changes lives in Cusco, Peru.  Only 4% of the Peruvian population is vaccinated, which sadly translates to the highest per capita death rate in the world.  Donate to help us vaccinate.  


Cusco, Peru has beautiful mountain scenery, incredible archeological sites and an amazing history. Plan to enjoy these wonders while you are here!  

Submitting an application for CerviCusco does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Candidates must meet program requirements and participation is subject to availability.  This program fills early.  Please make certain your documentation is up to date and submitted early for review.  All fees must be paid within 60 days of departure for Peru.  If a cancellation of your experience is necessary, Friends of CerviCusco will refund all of your money with the exception of the $250 processing fee.  

New COVID pandemic requirements for volunteers include proof of vacination and a negative COVID test within 72 hours of departure.  

Thank you for considering volunteering with CerviCusco!